Orisha prayer for healing

For it is through the love, the will, and the power of God that all souls are saved. I offer prayer and protection by way of the Divine Creator for those ancestral souls that are in darkness, forgotten, or lost.

Let the light I offer fade out the shadows of fear and guide them toward the arms of God. I offer guidance to my ancestors by way of the Guardian Angels and Protective Spirits who by the power and order of God will assist them in their greater act of evolution.

Let the light I offer be a Beacon of Hope and serve as an escape and protective shield from the shadows of despair. I offer love, compassion, and comfort to those ancestral souls that are suffering and depressed. Let the light I offer lead them from discord and the miseries of their souls to the sanctuary of God and the joys of heavenly bliss. I offer healing by way of the Supreme Being on all spiritual levels for those ancestors who were abused, afflicted, deceived, enslaved, hated, lonely, misguided, neglected, oppressed, pained, saddened, traumatized, and died tragically.

Let the light I offer to their souls inspire clemency, liberation, faith, love and harmony from today onward. I offer forgiveness to the ancestral souls that want to repent, sincerely, for the error of their ways in both realms of life and death. Let this light guide them to the truth, enlightenment and righteousness of God.

Let the light I offer serve as a reminder for us in the living to acknowledge and learn not to make the same mistakes as the ones who lived before us.

orisha prayer for healing

In every way, I forgive those ancestors who need it most so that their souls will embrace in positive gratification a new and improved way of living in the spirit realm and that those souls will elevate in peace and awaken to eternal life as God promised. In the name of God and through his mercy and blessings, let today be the beginning of a continual healing process for all my ancestral guides and release of all blocked and negative genetic energy patterns within the generational line steadily healing each family member including myself day-by-day.

As you, the Ancestors heal on the other side, we ask that you forgive us as you have been forgiven and help us to heal with free flowing positive and progressive energy for the better well-being of all concerned. And so it was spoken and so it will be! Support our work by buying this eBook Ancestral Reverence eBook Learn how to correctly set up your Ancestral Shrine to honor your ancestors, and ask for their guidance, and wisdom to help you solve your problems.

A published author and the publisher of the sites Ileifa. Pingback: Ancestral Healing. This is the malady that plays over and over in our lives Black America. This explains what is happening to our youth in inner cities. We must make amends to those who came before us and not forget those whose lives are stolen on the inner city streets to violence or the cycle will continue.The stories behind each of these deities or spiritual beings are very similar.

In the catholic tradition, in death Lazarus was granted entry into heaven and no longer suffered as he did on earth. Babalu Aye is an orisha who deals with all matter relating to health, especially virulent issues and all illnesses of the skin. Whether it be spiritual, physical or mental health matters, he is venerated and asked to intercede on behalf of the person.

The Orishas: Oshun

He is prayed to when severe health matters have come up, also when there seems to be great difficulties ahead health wise. Example of a shrine honoring Saint Lazarus. He is also known as a protector of all animals, but especially dogs.

It is for this reason, many who have to receive this orisha or if he is very close to that person, may need to have a dog with them! His colors are royal purple, yellow and brown.

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His ritual or sacred number is Take the jar, put in the key, 17 grains of toasted corn and the herbs about a good big "pinch" will do. Then put this jar next to the Saint Lazarus Candle. Use a little of the oil to anoint the candle. Pray for the things you need, health, healing to be free of sickness.

Maybe read your favorite psalms in the bible, whatever you choose.

orisha prayer for healing

Let the oil jar sit next to the candle until it finishes burning out. This oil is now blessed for use in the future. Whenever you are feeling sick, wear some of this oil or if you are having health problems, wear a little every day. You can give some to a friend or family member if you choose.

Every once in a while, burn a Saint Lazarus Candle next to this oil to ask for continued blessings in health and to "charge" it with healing vibrations. Hundreds of items available from handmade original to well known favorites. No Botanica near by? No Problem! Our Store Associates are ready to help you find the best items for your spiritual work.

Jul 18 1. Everyone is familiar with candle burning but Spirit Jars also called Spirit Bottles, Spell Bottles, Bottle Spells, Witch Bottles are a great way to use multiple ingredients in a focused Jul 18 0. What is this thing you may be asking yourself?

Known as Feb 09 5. Baths and Washes remain one of the most popular methods of spiritual work because of how effective and versatile they are. Spiritual Baths are great to use to maintain ourselves spiritually Mar 29 4.Obatala, meaning king of the white cloth, is the eldest of all Orishas.

Seen as the quintessential father figure, Obatala watches over all younger Orishas. He is revered as the king of kings and the creator of all mankind. Under the power of his father Olorun, Obatala created the Earth and all of the living things that inhabit it. He is the Orisha of leadership, knowledge, justice, those who are handicapped and the military. Once a strong warrior who witnessed terrible acts of violence, this patient and compassionate deity provides kindness to those who pray to him.

Obatala presides over the other Orishas and intervenes with their arguments and disagreements. He is widely respected as a fair and patient judge. Obatala is married to Yemana, the goddess of the ocean, and is father to many Orishas. Always dressed in white, Obatala represents purity and calmness. White is considered the most sacred of all of the colors in Santeria, as it symbolizes Obatala.

His unwavering dedication to truth and clarity are symbolized by his all white attire. He is portrayed as an older man in white robes holding a staff or torch. Mountains, hills and other high places are favorites of this Orisha. He finds clarity and pureness of thought by connecting to nature high above the distractions of everyday life.

Obatala is the only Orisha who has both masculine and feminine qualities. There are, therefore, some female depictions of Obatala. Offerings made to Obatala should follow the rules of purity that this Orisha embodies. He favors bland, white foods, such as meringue, rice, coconut, cocoa butter, white yams and eggs.

Do not, under any circumstances, offer Obatala alcohol.

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Present the offerings on a white cloth and cover with pure cotton. Obatala prefers his offerings be made on Sunday. King of kings, I call you Your kingdom is heaven Your glory hope Your faith and charity bonanza Father of All Saints Father of all the good, all in white Your peace, an emblem of trust Always Give me wisdom to understand what I cannot Give me the right words for those who will listen Patience and resignation, in order to cope The peace of mind When anger wants to be my counselor and friend Your blessing I will bear By day and in my sleep I trust your wing, your protective mantle Trust your power, sovereign redeemer.

Obatala is often prayed to by those dealing with court cases and legal matters. Always remember that Obatala aids the innocent and punishes the guilty. Be sure that your intentions are pure when praying to this powerful Orisha, as you will suffer the consequences of your guilt if you are not being truthful.

Call upon Obatala to guide you through your difficulties and strengthen your resolve in times of hardship or uncertainty. Our botanica offers over 10, religious and spiritual products. Need help finding something? Call or email us at info originalbotanica. All Rights Reserved. This site was created by Lighthaus Design.

Site Information. Please wait Facebook Twitter Pinterest instagram.I found it especially interesting that you mention prayer being done out loud, I have finally mastered my Mojuba and did so by continuing to say the prayer each morning thanks for the suggestion out loud. Aboru, aboye, abosise Ifalola, Thank you for taking the time to share this information Ire, Iyabode. Alafia Ifaloda, Thank You.

Your love,dedication that you put forth in your scholarly infomation greatly appreciated. It serves those of us who seek to elevate with the benefit of community near to us.

Post a Comment. Orunmila eriwo ya! Ifa thoughts and philisopy by Ifalola Sanchez. Ela moyin boru, Ela moyin boye, Ela moyin boshishe! Search Ifa articles.

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Friday, May 25, Prayer and the Orisha faith. Prayer and the Orisha faith: My Apetebii and I were talking and the subject of prayer came up. It seems like an obvious thing, almost self explanatory, but there is an underlying fundamental ideology that isn't so obvious. Prayer can take many forms, whether it is the act of supplicating to the Orisha, petitioning that they act on our behalf to positively affect our life or the lives of those around us.

There is also the act of praising the Orisha as an act of thanks for the good in our lives or from saving us from some bad. Lastly is the act of simply praising the Orisha without any expectation sometimes the most important and the most forgotten of acts. A very important but often overlooked part of prayer in Yoruba culture is that it is almost always physically spoken. While in many other cultures, especially western culture, prayer can be an inward act in which verbalization is not necessary, it is quite the opposite in Yoruba culture.

Any act of praise or prayer is by definition verbal and most often performed in a communal setting. We see this in traditional African practice, but in some ways, what is most striking is that in the diaspora this concept has not changed or diminished in any way.

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This is not to diminish one's personal reflection, meditations or internal prayers which are certainly part of how we can worship. On a literal level, our vocalization produces sounds, which can travel, whether only a few inches or several meters or more. As Olorisha and Babalawo, we are considered to not only be mediators between man and Orisha, it is believed that our voices are able to reach Orun and catch the attention of Orisha.

That is why before every Ebo, before every divination session, before every religious act, we pray. Through that prayer, we hope that our vocalization may reach heaven. This explains why as Babalawo we pray before casting Ikin or Opele, and it is why before we chant or interpret Odu we say: Aboru, Aboye, Aboshishe Which roughly translates to: May our ebo reach Orun heaven - Aboru May our ebo be accepted - Aboye May our ebo allow what we desire to come to pass - Aboshishe It is also why we must say "Ase Ashe " to affix and affirm things.

By saying Ase Ashe we not only legitimize the prayer, we also send out the vibration of the holy phrase so that the prayers may reach Orun. There are Adura for every Orisha, and Adura can be done in any language, for in the end, Orisha are all knowing so there is no language they don't understand.

Those of us who are not Yoruba natives learn prayers in Yoruba as a way of respecting the past. The Yoruba have a saying, We stand on the backs of those that came before us. Without our african ancestors, without the slaves of the diaspora, we would not be here. Oriki Orisha - Oriki are praise names which we have for all the Orisha, they reference acts of the Orisha in Ese Ifa, Iyere and all the other forms of stories in which they take part.Igba wiyo abi eyin boro adifa fun jokosenumi ti se omo orisa agbowuji enu naa lemimimi ti month fi ni gbogbo ire emi jokosenumi, emi molomo orisa.

Edumare yoo bawa segun elenini o, seju ota lao fi ni gbogbo ire o Ase. Good day sir, Sir I want to ask is possible to remove someone belong in egbe agba back to normal sir? I will be glad sir if I can get reply sir. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Powerful Prayers for Healing in your body

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. EJIOGBE says: Aromogege Aromogege Oji ni kutukutu mokun ola dani Olomo siju pee wole Aye loruko IFA Eni ti o ba siju rere re wo nii lowo IFA kio siju rere re woo mi ki nlowo… Translation: He who robes the child to befit the child He who robes the child with the utmost of care The one who wakes early in the morning, holding the robes of prosperity The one who looks after the Earth is the name of IFA Whoever you look to with your eye of compassion is blessed with prosperity IFA, please look at me with compassion and let me be blessed with riches… IFA, please look at us with your compassion and let us be blessed with riches!

Ase Ase Ase O! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Abiola Olayiwola April 1, at pm. Sanjo osho April 18, at pm. Abe Femi Emmanuel March 7, at pm. Jose Prado April 4, at pm. Awodeyi adesola February 16, at am. Jah Michael olalekan June 22, at am. Adefolaju Ishola September 11, at pm. Abiodun omosanya January 9, at am. AKinmoladun kike March 12, at pm. Taiwo January 14, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment hereMay Elegua open the doors of opportunities and remove obstacles from your path May Ogun to give you the courage to overcome your problems and defeat your enemies May Oshosi bring Justice and Balance to your life May Orula bestow his Wisdom upon you May Obatala bring Peace, Tranquility, and Harmony to your life May Babalu Aye heal your body and soul May Olokun grant stability to your being May Yemaya renovate and refresh your life with the powers of her waters May Chango give you the strength to fight and win your battles May Oshun fulfill your dreams of love and riches May Oya bring with her Winds of change and prosperity to your realm.

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IWURE AJE — Prayer for Wealth (From Ejiogbe)

Recent reviews Oshun Marriage Ritual Rated 5 out of 5. Rated 5 out of 5.He is an orisha of diseases, evils and misery. He is the patron deity of those suffering from smallpox, leprosy and other afflictions of the skin. The influence of this deity grew from a single tribe in West Benin to many tribes spread around the western coast of Africa. His cult comes from Dahomey Beninwhere he was named Asojano. It is also said that due to his disobedience and bad character, he was punished by Olofi God with sickness and affliction.

He is also a protector of animals especially dogs. Although this orisha can cause sickness, he can also bring about quick healing and recovery from any affliction.

He is compassionate and humble. He is depicted as being covered in sores and skin infections. Number: 7, 17 and its multiples. His receptacle is a large flat fryer and is covered with a gourd, guiro or semicircular lid that carries in its upper part a hole that will receive the immolations.

On its sides it also has holes. His elekes are made of white beads with a blue finite stripe, others are made by interspersing Oya beads, red and black.

The Orishas: Obatala

Two puppies, a pair of crutches and a wooden triangular bell. Other symbols include; reeds, cowrie shells, and a ritual broom which is used for cleansing and purification. You can offer roasted or popped corn, rum, beans, and other grains. Tobacco or dry white wine are also appreciated. They are constantly seeking to understand, to relieve, to help despite the fact that communicating costs them a lot.

orisha prayer for healing

They are lonely and complexed. These people instinctively support the sick, both for their bodily and emotional pain. They will look for the right, comforting words. His children can also be careless, inflexible, capricious, players, charlatans, argumentative, imprudent, morally elastic, like risk, gluttons, angry, boastful, selfish, egotistical, and envious.

Babalu Aye is a loving but stern orisha. He is loved, respected and feared and he can only show his wrath to those who disobey him. In Cuba, the rituals to celebrate the feast of Babalu Aye usually starts on the 16th of December.

The Cubans gather to light candles and make offerings to this orisha. While staying awake till midnight they ask Saint Lazarus to watch over them and keep them healthy.

His altar is set up with his stones, food offerings, a white, yellow or purple candle, his statue and other items that are associated to him. While those who are sick would ask for healing, others might ask for protection, wisdom, success and many other blessings.

During this ritual, his subjects are seen dressed in sack clothes. When possessed by this spirit, the devotee is seen walking and limping. His movements resemble those of a feverish patient. Sometimes, he pretends to scare away flies and other insects that perch on his sores. His speech is fiery and his nose is full of mucus.

He also makes gestures to sweep the air and clean it of bad influences. The possessed would also want to heal the wounds of those who watch the ceremony. While the ritual is ongoing, water is spilled on the floor.

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